The Arix consulting firm makes it easy to implement a strategy based on the objectives of client companies

Transformation optimizes the evolution of business processes, efficiency and change in the management of skills components of your business

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The primary goal of the Arix consulting firm is to increase the performance of your organization.

The transformation of your company requires the presence of a partner who can regularly bring you innovative ideas. Arix International has a multi-sector knowledge, which helps define key elements, to better position your company in your industry, based on accurate analysis, combined with a variety of carefully selected skills.

Arix is a partner who accompanies you to achieve the highest level of leadership, and make you stay there.

About ARIX

Consulting firm

With Arix, your organization benefits from recognized expertise and a market study focused on the business sector in which your company operates, including a rigorous competitive audit.


"None of us, acting alone, can achieve success" Nelson Mandela

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Consulting, business coaching, specialized training, market study, Arix develops your projects and accelerates the transformation of your business.

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Expertise firm - Arix International


Arix International offers organizations, in particular, economic intelligence, corporate restructuring, political studies, a quality, environment and security approach, as well as the main services related to consulting and expertise. Arix International has the same goals as its customers.

Expertise firm - Arix International


Before defining the stages of a project, or accompanying a company, the firm Arix conducts preliminary surveys, develops a market study, integrates a digital communication plan for the communication campaign to be a success.

Market Study - Arix International

Market study

The solutions proposed by our expertise firm, are organized around 4 products: quantitative studies, qualitative studies, documentary studies, and censuses.

Our products are adapted to the realities of the local markets, the objectives to be achieved, and the financial possibilities of our customers

Sub-regional network

Our company has consulting firms in several West African countries, our strategy being to extend our expertise, particularly in Mauritania, Gabon, Senegal, Burkina Faso, and Ivory Coast.

Tél : (+221) 77 656 17 60
Tél : (+221) 77 656 17 60
Tél : (+221) 77 656 17 60
Burkina Faso
Tél : (+221) 77 656 17 60
Ivory Coast
Tél : (+221) 77 656 17 60